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Wine tasting
Delivino wines & spirits - Beverage Cellar - Wine Tastings - Corfu


Welcome to the ultimate wine tasting experience at Delivino wines & spirits in Dassia, Corfu. Our love for wine led us to the decision to highlight its multidimensional nature, making it the protagonist of our business.

At Delivino wines you will find a fine collection of Greek wines, with an emphasis on small wineries throughout Greece, as well as natural, organic, biodynamic and vegan wines. Our exhibition also includes fine foreign wines and spirits.

For those of you who desire a more exceptional experience, we have an innovative Coravin system, which allows you to enjoy your glass of wine without losing its taste and aromas.

We also offer a unique wine tasting experience, suitable for every level of knowledge and taste. Choose between three categories of wine tasting, as our wine connoisseurs will guide you through the world of wine, while each tasting is accompanied by fine dishes that enhance the enjoyment of each sip.

Wine tasting is usually done by reservation, to ensure your best service.




Visit us and indulge yourself in the taste of wine, discovering the rich world of aromas and flavors hidden in each bottle.